Kewaunee Fabrications

The heavy fabrication specialist. Trust nothing less.

Our Capabitilies


Kewaunee Fabrications produces weldments of various sizes and complexity, from small weldments of just a few parts; weighing a couple pounds, to large/heavy weldments of hundreds of parts; weighing several tons.

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Kewaunee Fabrications’ finishing facility utilizes rigorously trained technicians and top-of-the-line equipment to deliver an advanced, high-quality service.

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Kewaunee Fabrications provides a full range of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assembly services to ensure that parts are received line ready for installation.

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Kewaunee Fabrications provides a diverse variety of machining solutions that allow for products both big and small to be produced to high precision tolerances in a wide variety of materials.

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Kewaunee’s initial processing utilizes a variety of cutting tools from flame cutting to fiber laser processing to process materials up to 6” thick. Programmed directly from CAD files, the parts we design allow our processes to achieve superior precision and quality.

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Kewaunee Fabrications is an ISO 9001 certified company with on staff Certified Weld Inspectors, which offers 3D non-contact laser scanning and the option of third party inspection.

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